Warning against counterfeit products

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
Gentlemen, traders and our valued customers
We inform you that we have been in the company of mashed cousins, and for more than two weeks we have been pursuing forged goods for mashed sweet potatoes 5 kg
Unfortunately, there are currently those in the Rami market in Istanbul, and we are fully aware of it.
Therefore, a committee of consumer protection will accompany the factory owners to visit all stores in the market.
And those who will have this commodity will take the necessary measures against it.
And these measures will be taken to limit the spread of these counterfeit products in Istanbul and not reach the rest of the states because your trust in us is the main motivation and concern for us.

Note the difference between our product and the counterfeit product.
The sticker on the cap in the counterfeit packaging can peel and uproot it
In our product, it is thermally glued and cannot be peeled and uprooted
In addition, there is a mashed logo in a small red color below the cut in our original product
And his absence in the forged platter
Also, there is a difference in the taste that you are used to from mashed company
And that the pistachio in the forged platter is dyed and not real than the pistachio in the real puree plaster
So beware ..

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  2. Excellent products and shipping is fast

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